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An early enthusiasm for photography quickly escalated into a life-long passion for television the moment I joined the BBC and first looked through the lens of a studio camera.


Having started work at 16 in a factory making televisions, spent years at university studying for the wrong degree, followed by a soul-destroying job writing manuals for the military, a chance conversation had finally led me to the place where I felt completely at home. For the first time, I was passionate about where I worked and what I did.


I had found myself in the very place where they made the programmes that were seen on the televisions that I once help make, and although i didn't know it then, I was soon to produce and direct the content that was seen on them too.   


After training in studios, I became an editor, then started directing and producing features, single docs, studio shows and series. When I later left the BBC to start a freelance career, I really threw myself at it and received multiple awards for creating, producing and directing projects shot throughout the world.


My strongest track records are in factual projects, including history, current affairs, social documentaries, and environmental issues. These include internationally funded drama documentaries such as Russian Revolution, politically challenging series like The Day Britain Died and popular factual projects like the highly mischievous Bank of Dave series – a story now retold as a very successful drama on Netflix.

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