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From part scripted re-enactment (Russian Revolution and Monte Cassino) to fully scripted dramatic sequences in programmes like Sex Guys and Videotape.  


Sex, Guys and Videotape

Producer and director

A one-hour documentary on the prosecution of seven Bolton men for having consenting gay sex, filmed during the course of the trial with dramatic reconstruction of the trial itself.


“…a compelling story” Time Out

“…It was the proudly subjective way the story was told that made it remarkable… …convincingly acted… …startling” Independent on Sunday. 

Russian Revolution

Producer and director

An international 2 x 1 hour dramatised history for Five / Discovery / CBC / NDR and others with IWC Media. 


" expertly crafted dramatic narrative… ... to bring the cataclysmic events of 1917 to vivid life.” Sunday Times.


Short-listed for Grierson Documentary Award (2005)

Quintinshill: Britain’s Deadliest Rail Disaster

Producer and director

Neil Oliver unlocks the mystery surrounding the worst rail disaster in Britain.


1 x 60′ Drama doc with Finestripe Productions for BBC2 Scotand, BBC2, BBC4 and BBC Worldwide


Nominated best History programme, RTS Scotland (2016)

Million Dollar American Princesses

Drama director / edit producer

Series 2 of the very succesful 4 x 45' dramatised documentary series on the real 'Downton Abbey'. The stories of twelve outstanding women presented by Elizabeth McGovern for Smithsonian

Monte Cassino: The Soldier's Story

Producer and director

A 60′ drama-doc in two languages for Channel 4 and NDR


The story of the extraordinary four-month battle on the mountain of Monte Cassino - one of the bloodiest and most controversial of the Second World War.


“…what gave a vivid, poignant documentary its edge was the madness within the madness …an utterly moving film.” Herald.


Angry Brigade

Producer and director

60’ drama-doc for BBC4 on the 1970’s bombers who briefly struck terror at the heart of the British political establishment.

Battlefield Britain: Culloden

Producer and director

60’ for BBC’s BAFTA-winning series ‘Battlefield Britain’ (2004), employing extensive CGI and live action.


“By far and away the best history series on British television to date…” “Much has been made of the cleverness of the computer graphics in this series, but it is the human beings that really make it work.” Observer.  


Producer and director

1 x 50' for the BBC's Everyman strand on 'Joan the English' who according to medieval writers pulled off what is potentially one of the greatest con-tricks in history.


Dressed as a man, she tricked her way into the papacy and reigned for over two years before being discovered as she gave birth in the street. 

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