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First transmitted in 1992, 'Out of Site' highlighted the desperate state of some Council traveler sites just as the Government was introducing proposals to end roadside Gypsy encampments.

Essex is one of the counties with the highest proportion of Romany people in Britain. The programme investigated the strength of feeling against the new proposals - described by some as 'ethnic cleansing' - and examined some of the misconceptions, racial prejudices and realities of life as a 'Gypsy' in the 1990s.  

Out of Site

30 minutes for BBC



First transmitted 7.30pm 

Thursday 26th November 1992

on BBC2 East

Narrator - Penny Bustin

Camera - Mark Killingback, Mark Dodd

Sound - Maria Todd, Kate Dodd, David Butler, Iain Meikle

Research - Stephanie Crowther

Editor - Andy Holland

Produced and directed by Ian Lilley 

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