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From studio discussion programmes like Called to Account, magazine series like UK Law, straight documentaries like Out of Site and A Burning Desire, to series that present current issues in the form of observational documentaries (Bank of Dave) and drama docs (Sex, Guys and Videotape)


Sex, Guys and Videotape

Producer and director

A one-hour documentary on the prosecution of seven Bolton men for having consenting gay sex. Filmed during the course of the trial, the programme is inter-cut with a dramatic reconstruction of the courtroom scenes.


“…a compelling story” Time Out

“…It was the proudly subjective way the story was told that made it remarkable… …convincingly acted… …startling” Independent on Sunday. 

Producer and director

Documentary investigation into American justice with Hayes Bolton as part of C4’s award-winning Lethal Justice season. The programme questioned the conviction of British businessman Krishna Maharaj and found new evidence that helped him get taken off death row.  

Bank of Dave

Series Producer, director and camera

2 x 47' for Channel 4 and 3 x 50 for international distribution, then a 47' sequel. 


Fed up with the High Street banks, Minibus dealer David Fishwick sets out to start his own - armed with little more than an iron will, a Phil Collins CD and a bunch of bananas.


Winner of BAFTA Scotland and RTS awards 

Nominated for 4 other awards including Bulldog, Broadcast and BAFTA (UK)

A Burning Desire

Producer and director

Single documentary on the children that commit arson.


In Britain, fire safety talks at school tend to be quite mild affairs. In the States, they realise the long-term risk of not dealing with young fire-setters at the earliest stage. So, when armed Fire Officers identify a child with a tendency to light fires, they arrest them and scare the shit out of them.     

Dave: Loan Ranger

Executive Producer

1 x 47'. First Dave Fishwick took on the bankers with Bank of Dave, now he's tackling payday loan companies and looking for new ways to help people trapped in cycles of debt.

Winner best Current Affairs programme BAFTA Scotland awards (2014)

Called to Account


4 x 30' Studio debate programmes on current issues (Nuclear Power, Food Safety, Animal Experiments, Water Quality, NHS and Teenage Drinking)

TJ and Yorkie

Producer and director

A 30 minute glimpse into the life of a young homeless couple, including Cockroaches, soft drugs, begging, prostitution and the tensions that inevitably develop.


"Ian Lilley's very sharp portrait of TJ & Yorkie……sees them trying to keep together in a unforgiving, autumnal city.” Independent 28/10/94.

Commendation at the Prix Circom European TV competition 1995

The Drinker

Producer and director

Heidi, Mick, Sam, Ricki, Victor and Norman battle their inner demons - and each other - in order to face what has driven them to drink.  

Double award winner

Heveningham Hall: Behind the Facade

Producer and director

Current affairs programme on the parlous state and recent mysterious history of one of the East of England's most impressive stately homes. 

High and Dry

Producer and director

Our increasing thirst for water is causing enormous environmental damage and the driest and most populated parts of the country are having to face a future in which the days of cheap and abundant water are over. 

Inside Crime

Producer and director

Two 30 minute magazine programmes on Crime in London.


'Community' explored the different ways that communities and the police in Britain and the States deal with crime.  


'Witness' looked at the problem that the Criminal Justice system has helping witnesses to come forward and provide their evidence in safety. 

Producer and director

3 x 40’. Andrew Marr explores the idea that Britain is effectively dead and turns political detective, looking for the day, the event or the person that killed it.


“…eloquent and entertaining… …provocative…” Times,

“…you won’t want to miss this… …With eloquent images to put flesh on his thesis… …thought provoking viewing.” Express.

UK Law

Series Producer

6 x 30' magazine series on crime & the law followed by a one-hour special called No Place to Hide on surveillance and privacy.


"excellent" Time Out.

Second Thought

Series Producer

10 x 30'  topical magazine series on the environment. My first Series, each programme was recorded 'as live' in the studio only 1 week ahead of TX, with inserts shot and assembled only days earlier to ensure the series was as current as possible. 


Nominated ‘Best national and regional news and current affairs programme’ at the British Environment and Media Awards, 1991

Out of Site

Producer and director

1x 30' on the desperate state of some Council traveler sites just as the Government was introducing proposals to end roadside Gypsy encampments.  


The programme investigated the strength of feeling against the new proposals - described by some as 'ethnic cleansing' - and examined some of the misconceptions, racial prejudices and realities of life as a 'Gypsy'.  

Meridian Audit

Producer and insert director

4 x 30 Studio debate programmes, based around four 'reports', on the Rail service, Health service, Justice and Police. The reports were compiled from official statistics and filmed accounts that illustrated the issues that the figures reveal.

Silencing a Sikh

Producer director

Carole Peters reports on the controversial use of a little-used 'National Security' law to detain and deport a Luton Man without charge or trial. Karamajit Singh Chahal, a resident of this country for 20 years, has been held in Bedford Prison for two and half years without any evidence being revealed against him. 


Silencing a Sikh examines the allegations, and questions if it is right that the supposed needs of national security should ever outweigh human rights and the desire for natural justice - especially without evidence.

Shedding Tiers

Producer and director

As ministers consider reducing the layers of local Government in England and Wales, Brian Milligan explores how the town hall really works and looks at how local government is regarded in other countries.  

The Mission

Series producer and director

5 x 30' documentaries (each shot in one day) for Channel 5.


Writer Peter Stanford explores five religions as they exist today in Britain: including Islam in Bradford, Hinduism in Neasden in North London, the Christian Orthodox church in North Wales and a Seaman's Mission in Hartlepool docks. 

“….the series’ straightforward, enquiring approach produced an effective and often moving picture.” ITC review 1998.

The Wash: A Test Case

Producer and director

1 x 30' on the future of the Wash, one of Britain's biggest wildernesses.

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